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Five Tips to Shave Strokes Off Your Golf Score

Posted by in Recreation: Sports: Golf  ~  March 22, 2012 10:47:30 PM

Shaving strokes off your golf game is something that most everyone is interested in doing. If you enjoy golf, then you know the frustration of scoring just one or two strokes off your best score. Here are five golfing tips that can shave strokes off your score today, regardless of your skill level.

Learn the Power of the Sand Wedge

Many golfers simply ignore the sand wedge as a weapon. The reason is because it is one of the most difficult clubs to master. As such, it should also be a club that you practice regularly with. The sand does not come into play on most average courses very often. When it does, however, even one trip can annihilate your golf score. Get in the sand trap and practice. If you can simply learn to get the ball out of the pit in only one stroke, then you will save a ton of strokes down the road.

Choke up on that Club

When you are having trouble with the short game, it sometimes helps to choke up a bit. Sliding your hand down the club a bit can give you a firmer feel on the club, and help you have the confidence to put the ball where you want it. Choking up is not always a good idea, but it can help on those shorter shots.

Ignore the Driver for a Few Weeks

Everyone whips out the old driver when they go to the driving range. Instead, why not practice with all of your clubs equally? Get out the pitching wedge and work your way through the clubs. Get equal shots with each club at first, and then add extra work to those clubs that you have trouble with. If you struggle hitting that 150 yd shot, then you should be practicing that very thing.

Ignore the Scorecard

Many people psyche themselves directly out of breaking their old score simply by obsessing over the number of shots they can make. Studying the scorecard will mess up your score worse than anything else. Take the time to invest in a shot counter that you can simply click with each shot. You will not know the final count until you roll into the clubhouse at 18, and you will be surprised how much better you shoot. The first time I broke 80 was the day I put away the golf scorecard.

Perfect a Routine

Doing the same thing every time you hit the ball is vital. Take the same number of practice swings, breathing the same way and even how long you stand over the ball are all important steps. Do them the same way every single time. If you perfect a routine, you will quickly see the value of doing so. A set routine of hitting a golf ball breeds confidence and poise. These are qualities you will need to shave strokes off your golf game.