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The Continuing Power of UPS Battery

Posted by in Computers: Hardware  ~  March 16, 2012 11:28:07 AM

You’re basically working on the last page of your 20 page report. You’ve researched and labored with the report the whole day and you’re just glad it’s about to be done with. But then, boom! The power goes down and you weren’t able to save any of the information, except for things your computer automatically saved, which is probably only half of what you’ve done. At this point you swear that technology has become a burden and not an asset to any of the things you do in your life.

That’s why UPS was invented. No, it doesn’t mean the United Postal Service. It stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. By the name itself you can bet this gadget is really helpful. The power supply has the ability to save any work you’ve done, even if the power is already out. The UPS will work as a temporary battery, but it’s not going to give you the power to turn the PC on until the power returns, which gives you enough time to save your 20 page report and avoid complete frustration. Most of them can let your computer stay on for the next five to ten minutes, just enough to shut down your computer normally.

However, we don’t just plug it in after we take it out of the box. Think of these things as new but empty rechargeable batteries. If you plug your computer in it while the power is normally running, it will get the power and transfer it to your computer, but it won’t store anything in case the power shuts down. Clearly it will not work. Out of the box, be sure to charge it. All of the modern UPS devices are easy to charge. All you need to do is to switch it on without plugging anything in it and let it stay on for six to eight hours. If you’re not sure, don’t worry: there are instructions added in the box.

Another great thing about most of the modern UPS is that it eliminates the need to purchase a separate AVR. AVR stands for Automatic Voltage Regulator. Computers in general are very sensitive to power fluctuations. Even if there’s power available, the computer will greatly suffer because of the surge of power. Before you know it, your computer will just be fried. Naturally, AVR becomes an important tool for your computer. If you have an UPS with you, you don’t need to have AVR anymore. Most of the UPS boxes sold today also function as an AVR, and they really do the job with ease.

Remember to plug your PC and monitor to your UPS. If you just plug in one of them, the other will not function. If you need to let your external modem stay, even if there’s a power blackout and there’s not enough female plugs, you can just create an extension. However, make sure not to overload your UPS since it will shorten its staying power after the blackout.

Make sure you have one of these in your house. It’s hard enough to do your assignments, but it’s even harder if you don’t finish them on time.