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A Career As A Life Coach?

Posted by in Business: Employment: Careers  ~  May 10, 2012 09:08:32 PM

Being a life coach could be one of the best careers that you’ll experience. As the name would suggest, you don’t really do much but you play a very vital role in the life of someone who choose you as their coach. Everything or nothing could come from you. That means that the person could get really frustrated with the things that you say or they could really be happy.

If you really want to be a life coach, the first thing that you should do is study about it. There are two things that you can do: one is to read as much as you can about life coaching and the other thing is study about it. The idea of self study is only good if you already have a college education in dealing with the person’s psyche. An ideal degree would be as a psychology. As a psychologist, you know what the other people’s flow of thinking is. Psychologists will just listen to you and tell you what’s going on, but doesn’t give any suggestion. It’s their job to listen to all your rants and tell you what’s going on with your life and what course you are probably taking. It’s up to you to change it if it’s bad or continue them if it’s good. But a life coach, you don’t just listen but you also offer alternatives and options on what you can really do to your life. You just take a next step of telling people what to do.

Without a degree, you may not be able to present yourself to someone that needs a life coach. However, in case you’re just starting out as a life coach and considering doing that in your part time, do remember that there are people that don’t really care about the papers, but do care about your experience. If you don’t have any experience and you don’t have a degree either, you should consider getting a certificate from the many life coaching schools that you can find online or in your local community. But don’t be afraid of the number of schools that you should choose from. Even before you decide to go on a life coach school, you already have something in mind to help you with your career.

After getting the certification, then it’s time to market yourself to people who need help. This is the hardest part for someone who is just starting since no one would want to be helped by someone inexperienced in the field. The first thing that you can do is to create a blog about yourself. This is the perfect platform for you if you really want to be noticed online. You can write about what you think in your life. You can also use article websites as a marketing tool.

Once you get a client or two, do your best by keeping them as long as possible. It’s a rule of thumb that it’s cheaper to keep a client than to look for another one. So bank on your clients and start your way up from there.