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Best Places to Retire in the US

Posted by in Regional: United States  ~  May 27, 2012 07:48:11 PM

Retirement have different effects and meanings for different people. Some people welcome it as a chance to wind down from the life they have led so far, others see it as one big vacation, and still others treat is as the end of their lives as they know it. Whether you embrace retirement or you dread it, there is no denying that all must retire some time, eventually. That’s why whether you are just planning your retirement, or is about to start one, or you just happen to come by this site, this article is for you. I give you some ideas on where you can spend your retirement or a chance at new life as others may say. Here are a few of the most popular retirement places, based on statistics.

It may not come as a surprise but seniors and retirees still choose to live home when they retire. Most people still prefer the place that they have been accustomed to. It is seldom that seniors move far away from home. If they did choose to leave, they usually prefer a retirement community that is near where they used to grow up. But sometimes, retirees are forced to move in search of a better climate for their health, or to live more economical lives or to follow their adult offspring. For those people that do choose to retire in a different place, most retirees choose areas near resorts, or near the ocean or in a desert or mountain. Palm Springs, Asheville, or Myrtle Beach has been a popular choice by retirees.

Other than resort places, statistics have shown that retirees from the Northeast prefer to retire on North Carolina. North Carolina has increasingly been a favorite vacation spot. Other retirees prefer a more traditional retirement place like Florida. Florida has always been the most favorite state to go to for retirement. However, the rising costs of homes and insurance as well as hurricanes have discouraged some retirees to live in Florida.

Due to its warm temperature and reasonably valued homes, the small towns located in the Southeast have also been a new favorite place for retirement. If you are looking to avoid polluted air and congested spaces, then the Southeast towns are for you.

Migration to college cities has also become popular these days with more and more seniors looking to re-live and remember their college days. Mental stimulation has been found to deter aging and mental diseases. Counties in the Southwest have also been a very suitable place for retirement with the dry climate and relaxed environment, who can say no to a western lifestyle in California?

Planning for retirement and even thinking that you will have to retire at some point may be difficult for most people. But it is always better to see retirement as a beginning rather than an end. Choosing a great place to begin your new life can be a first step in embracing your retirement. So whether it is for a better climate or for a fresh environment, start planning that inevitable vacation and see how wonderful life still can be, even in retirement.