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Creating a Boys Football Bedroom Design

Posted by in Home: Homemaking  ~  June 05, 2012 05:24:49 PM

Setting up a boy’s football bedroom is one of the easiest things in the world to do. Football is one of boys’ favorite sports, and creating a football bedroom can be a huge hit. Simply add some creativity to incorporate the sport using their favorite teams as a template. If your little boy does not have a favorite football team, considering the design around football in general works as well.

One of the first things that you should do when setting up a boys football bedroom is to select your colors. If your little boy has a favorite college or NFL football team, then you can simply adopt those colors that represent them. Most football teams have a two to three color design in their uniforms and logos. If you are uncertain of the team colors, then simply go to your nearest computer. Online you can easily type in the team name followed by colors and quickly get this information.

Once you have a colors picked out for your boys football bedroom you can begin to figure out how to incorporate them. Many people will base the coloration of the room on the color of the carpet or floor. Because carpet can be so expensive, many people will not wish to replace that. If the carpet or floor is brown, white, tan or cream color, and usually it will suffice. On the off chance that the carpet is green, you will have the ultimate boys football bedroom floor.

The walls of a boys football bedroom can be done in any number of different ways. If you are highly creative and skilled, then you could always paint a mural to go on the wall. Sometimes blowing up a large football photograph of a crowd, field, football team logo, helmet or field goal posts is ideal. It really just depends on what is available to you. Posters of all of your child’s favorite teams and players are available everywhere. These can decorate the walls quite effectively as well.

Installing football curtains can add to the rooms atmosphere. Again, football curtains can be found for every NFL and college football team. There are many styles of football curtains to choose from. If the child is younger, then you may wish to go with something in a laid-back design. Younger children will be much more drawn to extremely colorful designs. A good place to start looking for NFL football curtains would be NFL website. They have links to every single football team and gift shops for each.

Another outstanding way to build a boys football bedroom is to add football sheets and bedspread. These can be found in the same places you might find the curtains, and picking out the right ones is dependent upon your boys age.

As you can see, making a boys football bedroom is rather easy. As mentioned above, if your child does not have a particular favorite team and simply loves the sport, then all of the things mentioned above can be found in a general football template. Most young boys have a team that they pull for, so this is usually not necessary.