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Do Your Bit In The Campaign Against Global Warming

Posted by in Society: Environment  ~  April 05, 2012 03:20:42 PM

Global warming is a crisis that is faced not by one country, or one continent or one race of people, but by the entire human population. Do not sit on the fence thinking that the problem will go away or that somebody else will do the rectification; you have to contribute your part in the ongoing battle against global warming. You have to change your attitude and modify your lifestyle to bring about changes in the society. In a developed country like US, an average American contributes to 6.6 tones of greenhouse gases per year and since the nineties this has increased even further. As more and more countries are become developed e.g. China and India with their huge population, the crisis is set to worsen. So it’s time to get up and start your contribution in the battle against global warming; others will surely follow.

Your Contribution

Small drops of water make an ocean; similarly a single individual can make a huge impact. Look around you; there are so many ways you are wasting precious resources without even being aware of it. Does your electrical appliance carry the energy star rating? If yes, then you have already taken a step against global warming. If not, then next time you are buying one, look out for the rating. The higher the number of stars, the higher is the amount of energy that appliance saves in comparison to ordinary ones. Change your ordinary bulbs to CFL bulbs, which give more light in half the electricity. Water is another resource we carelessly use. Use low flow faucets in home and do not leave them running unnecessarily.

Cars and other transportation cause maximum pollution, but it is also true that we cannot live without them. So we have to make them more environment friendly. Take a job, if possible nearer home so that you can walk or cycle to it. Otherwise try to use the car pool or public transport. See that the car you use gives more mileage per gallon. Another important resource to save is the trees, our planet’s lungs. Do not waste paper; if possible use an alternative. Recycle whenever possible and not only for paper but other garbage also. Remember the rubbish generated will need a landfill or if burned will release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Do More

Keep yourself aware with the problems of global warming. If you see any one flouting standard rules or an act that can cause more greenhouse gas production, protest against it. Pressure your government to bring changes in the policy regarding environment. Global warming will affect every one of our progeny, so join the battle now.